Common Denominator

So what does crayfish, a dentist, stainless steel cable, macerator pumps (yact toilet pump), spices, pipes and yacht engines have in common?

Well I can tell you a tale where you caught some crayfish and kept them in a bucket near the engine but unbeknown to you, a tiny piece of stainless steel cable broke off from the engine, fell into the bucket embedding itself in one of the wriggling crayfish. Later, with eyes glued to Facebook and ears listening to the cell phone, this little detail escapes the attention of your wife as she prepares a delicious dish with exotic spices. At the dinner table, as luck would have it, this particular crayfish landed up on your plate. With teeth working overtime, chomping away in your usual Neanderthal style, all of a sudden, you felt this searing pain as your broke one of your ngasers on this hidden stainless steel cable - all of which you swallow in your shock and agony. After visiting the dentist the next day and feeling quite normal again, you visit the toilet to relief your bowels where once again not thinking, you pass both tooth and the piece of stainless steel cable. As you wash everything away into the dark pipes of the sewer system, the macerator pump came to a loud grinding halt. Damn expensive exercise, not only did you break a tooth, you now also have to buy a new macerator pump!

No, not quite! The common denominator is Marcello - Marcello Brocchini from Salvador, Brazil. We met Marcello soon after arriving here in Brazil and at the time, little did we know the extend which we would come to rely on him. Within hours after arriving, he was the person who showed us and took us where we could buy sim cards for our cell phones. It turns out that he is also the guy who fixed our autopilot system and the hydraulic leaks. He told us where to buy food, spices, arranged the dentist when my tooth packed up, delivered containers of drinking water for us, filled our gas bottle when it was empty, removed and serviced the macerator pumps, organized that we buy 4 kilograms of crayfish for a really good price, serviced both engines and also the generator, replaced several ropes and made up stainless steel cables for the davits, told us of the best anchorages in Salvador, pulled out some damaged pipes and replaced it with new ones, befriended us and invited us to his home where we met his lovely wife and family, where they fed us various Brazilian food specialties for hours on end as prepared by his wife and son, we drank bottles of his red wine, took us visiting some of his friends and associates, helping us translate and communicate, drove us around Salvador for hundreds of kilometers without charge - ever helpful and ever willing. When we went to Federal Receite (Customs) to find out how to import goods duty free into Brazil, who did THEY phone to get answers? Marcello! Indeed a remarkable Portuguese speaking Brazilian man who studied part time to learn how the speak and write English.

Today he owns and operates "Bahia Boats Ship Chanderly", a successful business supplying all sorts components to the yachting fraternity, repairing and fixing yachts not just in Salvador but also many other places in Brazil. Not only has Marcello been a tremendous help to us, we are proud to call him a true friend. If you are in Brazil (especially in Salvador) and you need to get things done, he is your goto man. You need parts for your yacht - contact Marcello! You need drinking water - call Marcello! You want to find out where to find something - talk to Marcello! You need something/whatever.... make sure you get hold of Marcello Broccini.


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