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FREE Worldcruise Planning Map - A1 size

Our minds are now shifting to planning our world cruise and we realise it is impossible to do all the planning right now. Things happens, one learns of new adventures and destinations, weather and polictics keep changing, prices and currencies change unabated - so at best one can only plan for the first couple of months. Cruising information is available in abundance - in cruising guides, sailing blogs, nautical maps, sailing forums, magazines, etc. In fact there is so much information available, it is actually confusing. To make matters worse, information is not always accurate and needs to be verified. Strange places are mentioned and sometimes one have no damn clue of its location.

We decided that we need a large printed map of the world and laminated so that we can visually see all the information, what is going on, add notes and marks to hearts desire. Once we have done our planning, some of this information will then be carried over to our chartplotter and navigation software. Once all said and done, simply wipe the lamination clean and your world map is ready for the next planning session. So I created a world map with longitude and latitude Lines (10 degree increments) on A1 paper size, showing all countries, times of tropical storms, etc. It is available for FREE to anybody who desire a world cruise planning map.

  1. Download the map in Acrobat Reader format.
  2. Take to a professional printer and print on A1 paper size.
  3. Then have the printed map plastic encapsulated (laminated).

Download FREE World Cruise Planning Map - A1 Paper size in Acrobat Reader format.


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Guest - Shet Fock on Sunday, 14 September 2014 20:05

Red circle in asia missing caption.

Red circle in asia missing caption.
Guest on Monday, 15 September 2014 05:34

Thank you for letting me know. Have now deleted the red circle. Please download again. :)

Thank you for letting me know. Have now deleted the red circle. Please download again. :)
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