Liars, Thieves and the Corrupt

It is a sad day when people turn out to be nothing but thieves, liars and con artists. When they cannot be honest and open enough to tell you that they are having financial difficulties paying the large sum of money they owe you. Instead of openly and honestly discussing this and seeking a way forward, they resort to supposedly clever but cheating tricks and manipulation thought up by themselves and their lawyer to avoid paying the amounts due for the strong and wealthy kitchen and bedroom cupboard manufacturing company they have bought. Instead of admitting that they are having difficulties controlling, managing the company and making sufficient profits in order to pay the monthly installments, they resort to the clever tricks of a lawyer – perhaps even on the assurances that they have a strong case. In the end, there will be somebody who lose and will have to foot the bill and it is never the lawyers - for every lawyer tend to tell you that there is a strong case, for even if they lose your court case, they never lose anything.

For them to think that embarking on such a path would bring them success and that there will not be severe consequences costing them many times more than what they rightfully owe. Instead they embark on a legal war path of which consequence they as yet have no understanding. The repercussions will be huge, will affect not only themselves, but also the lives of the many innocent people employed there and dependent on the company for their well being. To then be known a liars and thieves in a market where every supplier know of each other and word spreads like wild fire is simply stupid, reckless and suicidal.

Then the embarrassment and humiliation of the continuous derogative whispers behind your back amongst your own employees and business associates who have lost all respect for who and what you are (whilst complaining about this very lack of respect) – nothing they say can ever be trusted again. In the end, when justice prevails, having brought about all sorts of negative effects and devastating financial consequences upon themselves and many others, when they finally have to own up to what they have done and be branded as thieves, liars and con artists – would they look back and say that it has all been worthwhile?

Your fortunes and conditions of life depends on the very decisions you make on an every day basis. Make good decisions and generally life will be good to you – make bad decisions and you will certainly pay the price, but many times over. Clearly they have no understanding of this fundamental life principle and as yet have to learn this. For such people, there cannot be any respect, understanding nor any empathy for they deserve every hardship coming their way. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent employees and suppliers will be affected by all this needless destructive results and callous greed of these thieves, liars and con artists. Being a business owner is all about honesty and integrity, for if you lose this precious value, you are no longer in business - for then you are nothing but a thief, a liar and a cheat. Then neither do you have a viable business and for the chosen path forward is devastating destruction. But these people clearly have no concept of that, besides the disgusting taste of these people, one can only wonder about their soul relationship with GOD Almighty.

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Bliksemse skelms! Ek hoop hulle vrek van ellende! Maar wag, Karma vergeet nooit 'n adres nie!

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The writing is on the wall.
Seen it, warned. And it fell on def ears

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