Looking ahead - Brazil

We have plans to make, we have places to see and we have things to do. And this includes Brazil, one vast country with a coastline of almost 7500 kilometers (4050 nautical miles). There are numerous places to visit with thousands of cruising options. We will start our world cruise at the end of December 2014 from Houtbay, Cape Town in the company of a couple of other yachts. We all agree on the destination and direction of the first leg of our voyage. We will sail in a north, north west direction up the west coast of South Africa and Namibia ever increasing the distance from the coastline on our way to St. Helena island. This will be our first stop over where we will spend a couple of days resting and catching our breath. Then for us, it's off to Brazil and as of now, the destinations of the other yachts are unknown.

Currently visas are issued for 3 months which can be extended for another 3 months - this means a possible up to 6 months in Brazil. Brazil is not just about the Rio Carnival, CHRISTO Redentor (CHRIST the Redeemer), the Favelas, Amazon, Brazilian nuts and beautiful scenery. So where to in Brazil? Where should we go first? After our arrival destination, where else to after that? Having read many websites, several cruising guides and more technical route planning books, I am still stumped. I have no damn clue how to go about planning our time and voyages in Brazil. How do other sailors do it? Do they simply make a list of places they would like to see and then plot the shortest route between it all? Do they perhaps take it day by day and see what the tide brings in? Is it as simple as that or is there far more to it? Am I in my usual style, over complicating things?

We have to work out an itinerary of sorts keeping several issues in mind;

  • Visas are only valid for 3 months with an extension of another 3 months on application,
  • A yacht travels at a much slower pace than a car or aeroplane - one cannot cover as much ground,
  • Optimum sailing routes taking into account wind direction and weather,
  • Most efficient route covering all our requirements,
  • Ports, yacht moorings and safe havens,
  • Checking in and out procedures,
  • Safe passages and security issues.

Right now, I am clueless! I feel indecisive and overwhelmed. It feels like mental paralysis and I hate this feeling! Seems like it's back to the drawing board as I clearly have more work to do. Eek


Sheer exhilaration ...
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