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South Africa - Shame on you


Driving to and from work, I use the highway directly adjacent to OR Tambo International Airport. For the past week or so, every morning and on my return in the afternoon, I noticed these police vehicles parked at every on and off ramp on this highway with all their lights flashing - blue lights on the roof and strobe lights mounted at the front and back of the car. Usually there is one police vehicle posted at the on and off ramps, but every now and then there will be two or three vehicles parked together. The policemen are mostly sitting in the vehicles and passing by, I've seen some of them them eating, others were just sitting there, a couple seemed like they were sleeping, a few were reading newspapers, some others were standing around chatting to each other. The policemen are not heavily armed nor are they on the look out for anything in particular. Then, whilst driving from Johannesburg to Pretoria, I decided to count these police vehicles parked with flashing lights alongside the road - I counted 34 police cars! Speaking to some business associates about this, they reported that this is also happening on many other highways in and around Johannesburg. They have been doing this for the past 7 days. For what purpose you may ask? What is the meaning of this?

Nothing more than a show of force - albeit it is only a show of flashing lights really. This is what happens on a regular basis whenever a politician visits South Africa. Bring out the cars with the fancy flashing lights and let them park all along the highways - for days on end. Let us show that we are still in charge of the country, we are still in control - the police vehicles and flashing lights will no doubt impress these foreign politicians shitless. It's like a damn merry-go-around with hundreds of police cars flashing their lights for no other reason than for some dumb arse politician's visual benefit.

Whilst we can squander vast sums of money on this useless security tokenism, there are millions of people in South Africa living on and below the poverty line. There are massive unemployment affecting millions of very desperate people in this country. Certainly there are instant millionaires from the SA government's twisted and unfair BEE system, but there are millions of people who really do not know where their next meal will come from. Despite these terrible hardships occurring across South Africa, here is the ANC led government indulging and gorging themselves in tokenism, ego trips and bloated self image. It is appalling to see how this government is spending money on making themselves look and feel more important (far more than what they really are), how they surround themselves with walls of security, personal body guards, luxurious cars, wealth, mansions and so much more. This is all wrong!!! Do you have no conscience or compassion? Shame on you!

Due to financial hardship and zero prospects, vast numbers of households are no longer functioning as family units. Fathers have given up hope and resorted to alcoholism, drugs and crime. With no support or financial means, mothers have to somehow fend for the entire family and keep things together - some of them give up and also succumb to alcohol and drugs. All this creates massive pressures within the family and when matters get unbearable, they are quickly settled with violence against the women and children. Children are under pressure with no way out and schooling is a long distant memory. Kids themselves follow in the footsteps of their parents and become addicted to alcohol and drugs themselves. The drugs available at this poverty line can most certainly not be the designer drugs available to the affluent. These are killer drugs; sniffing petrol or toxic glue, smoking TIK or some other highly toxic and poisonous substances.

Live for most South Africans are hard with no real prospects and there seems no end in sight. This damn government would best serve it's people by creating opportunities for these millions of people instead of self glorification, ego trips, self indulgence and their parked police cars with the silly flashing lights.

Here are some pictures how millions of people live in South Africa. The young kids wearing torn "rags" instead of adequate and suitable clothing. There is this young boy sniffing toxic glue in a plastic bottle. Then, you buy your "smilie" (sheep head) from the clean pavement butchery. Then your young son who lives in filth, grime and bacteria infested shack who must fend for himself. It is appalling, it is despicable and I spit on all you damn fucked up politicians! GOD please help these people for the politicians in charge certainly don't.

For a moment, imagine this is how you and your family have to live!


President of Uruguay
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