The name "Revelations"


There was this man in the distance dressed in a long robe. His hair was pure white, almost silver which glowed in the light. His right hand was in the air as if to stop my progress. In his hand was seven stars which shined with brilliant intensity, his feet gleamed like gold or polished copper and he was getting closer but without any movement or seeming mobility. A calm and peaceful man, not friendly but also not unfriendly, a stranger but also seems like a friend from far distant memories. His eyes were alive, very alive and threw sparkles at me. His face had a glow and illuminance never seen before. I became aware of a new sensation, a feeling of peace and total calmness descended upon me. I was content, happy and quite satisfied in this place of nothingness where I found myself. This was such a deep level of contentment and peace as never experienced before.

Then ... at a flip of a light switch, he was gone and I no longer saw anything. But now there was this dull distant drone of voices I could hear. They were talking but I was too far away and unable to understand or comprehend what they were saying. Seconds later all hell broke loose as I felt intense pain in my chest - similar to what it might feel like when a horse kicks you at full power in the chest. A deep gasp of air and then I let rip .... "Fuck-it" I shouted and the fight was on. But many hands were holding me down, restraining me, telling me to relax and calm down. I open my eyes and saw many faces looking down at me.

I was in hospital having a medical procedure done. About 2 hours after the procedure gone wrong and in the intensive care unit, I had an heart attack. Somewhere between my ticker temporarily stopping and me waking up after getting attacked by a medical staff member with this "horse" fribulator (8 shocks later), in great detail I saw the man describe above. During visiting hours, discussing the event, I told friends and family about what I saw. Some 2 days later, one of these friends visits me again - this time telling me that the man I described is mentioned in the Bible - Revelation 1:13.

That is when I knew what the name of our yacht should be - Revelations.

Heart's desire

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Wow.... Thank you for sharing.......

Yvonne Swanepoel
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True story! At the time, I told Jacques about this and he discussed it with his girlfriend who realized it was the same man as in Revelations 1:13. I read 1:13 a few days later and that is the man I saw. Amazing experience!

Super User
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Beautiful. Thank you.

Lianti Muller
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