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SVG Icons for OpenCPN

I was going to redo the user icons for OpenCPN which I created a couple of years ago - fine tuning, better transparent background and resize them. Then Gene, Reflectionsv37 of Cruisers Forum, made contact with me about redesigning many more icons - to be officially incorporated in OpenCPN. This led to a flurry of messages on Cruisers Forum and I got stuck into designing over 280 vector icons for OpenCPN. The initial thinking was to render the icon graphics designed in CorelDraw to raster PNG format, but with the input of several other clever people, it was decided to render them in vector SVG format. Having vector icons means that no matter the scaling of the icons, they will always be crisp and sharp - whereas raster based graphics quickly become pixelated when view at zoom levels. Anyway, all this led to 2 days of intense graphic design work and then the odd fine tuning of some icons. Here is a image showing most of the icons which will be incorporated and released with the next upgrade of OpenCPN - there are several white icons not in the image below as it will not show on the white background. With the next release of OpneCPN it will not be necessary to paste icons in the Usericons folder anymore. OpenCPN is powerful and free navigation software which can be downloaded here: OpenCPN 


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Hi Wiets Thanks for the effort in creating the new Icons. Has made OpenCPN look a whole lot better. Hope we see you out on the bi... Read More
Sunday, 01 October 2017 11:13
Super User
Hello Colin Creating the icons was a pleasure. I only noticed now that the login option was somehow removed from the website. It's... Read More
Sunday, 01 October 2017 15:01
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