Reverse apartheid

"Reverse apartheid?" you may ask. Yes, absolutely ... reverse apartheid!
It is something the world knows very little about, at least it is never discussed nor does it receive any attention nor publicity. But it is factually true! South Africa is fast becoming a country with institutionalized policies with clear reverse apartheid against minorities - with the worst the white population being affected the most. All the policies are enshrined in law and presented as the economic empowerment of the black population. Here are the facts;

Private companies cannot get work from any governmental authorities or big corporations unless BEE registered.

Any company (including white owned companies) can apply and get a BEE certification. A scorecard is then determined based on certain criteria. The higher the scorecard number, the easier it is to get work from Governments and big corporations. A white owned company scores extremely low and this low scorecard precludes the company getting any work from government and/or big corporations. A black owned company will receive a high scorecard and will get business from government and big corporations - even though the white own company prices are substantially cheaper than the black owned company. A case in point; a white own company tendered on a government project and their price was R3,200,000. The work was allocated to a black owned company who's price was R5,900,000.

The consequence is devastating on multiple levels. Young white South Africans are leaving South Africa seeking employment in others countries - called the brain drain. Numerous white owned companies, with multi racial employees (including black employees) are facing unbelievable hardship and many have closed down - adding to the already exceptionally high unemployment rate. Many of the black owned companies are fronts and scams defrauding the government with hundreds of millions. Some of these black fronted companies are incapable of delivering the required services and secretly get white owned companies to do the work, pocketing millions in profits for doing nothing.

Want to go to university? Not so easy says the South African government. Once again, a system is applied based on race - not school results nor ability.

A black scholar with plenty of "B's" achieved in school allowed to go to university and the white scholar who achieved "A's" in school will be declined. The point system favours black pupils first, then Indian pupils, then the Coloured pupil and then only the white pupil. Our universities only have space for a certain number of new scholars each year. With black pupils being abundantly favored for university access, other ethnic groups simply cannot get into university - no matter how good their school result was.

Looking for a job? But you need to know that you will run head first into the Affirmative Action legislation.

Affirmative action was introduced through the Employment Equality Act, 55 in 1998, 4 years after the end of Apartheid. This act was passed to promote the constitutional right of equality and exercise true democracy. This idea was to eliminate unfair discrimination in employment, to ensure the implementation of employment equity to redress the effects of discrimination, to achieve a diverse workforce broadly representative of our people, to promote economic development and efficiency in the workforce and to give effects to the obligations of the Republic as a member of the International Labour Organisation.

A quota system was implemented, which aimed to achieve targets of diversity in a work force. This target affected the hiring and level of skill in the work force, ultimately affecting the free market.Affirmative action created marginalization for coloured and Indian races in South Africa, as well as developing and aiding the middle and elite classes, leaving the lower class behind. This created a bigger gap between the lower and middle class, which led to class struggles and a greater segregation. Entitlement began to arise with the growth of the middle and elite classes, as well as race entitlement. Many believe that affirmative action is discrimination in reverse. With all these negatives, much talent started to leave the country. Many negative consequences of affirmative action, specifically the quota system, drive skilled labour away, resulting in bad economic growth. This is due to very few international companies wanting to invest in South Africa.

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